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The World Ends (and begins!) With You

twewyWhile looking for info on the new kingdom hearts game, I stumbled across this jewel for the Nintendo DS—The World Ends With You. A different take on the RPG by Square Enix, this game takes place in modern Shibuya, Japan, in an alternate world. I took the last copy at a nearby game store and started playing as soon as I could.

The first thing I noticed was the battle system. The touch screen controls flow smoothly, with little flicks and taps for attacks (which are called ‘psychs’) and simple movement by dragging the character around. What really stands out about it, however, is the top screen. Another character there fights with you, controlled by the directional pad, and you control them at the same time as you control the character on the touch screen. This is confusing at first, but after awhile it acquires a rhythm – especially with the help of a light puck that bounces back and forth between the two screens, multiplying damage the more in sync the characters are.

This all sounds quite confusing to talk about, but in the game, it blends together perfectly, making for challenging, interesting fights. And that’s just the tip of it all. Underneath the battle mechanics there lies an interesting plot, a cast of amazingly deep characters, and great music and graphics that complement the style well. I won’t go into the exact storyline, for fear of ruining one of the game’s many twists, but suffice it to say that the game will keep you guessing about what really happened until you’ve beaten the game and found all the secret reports.

Overall, I give this game a nine out of ten. There are tiny problems and oddities here and there, like the food system, which is awkward and requires a lot of maintenance, and the clothing system, which at times seems to be encouraging the male characters to wear the female clothing since it has better abilities. However, compared to the great things this game has to offer, these are inconsequential. But don’t take my word for it. Try the game for yourself!

The World Ends With You