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You Never, Never Know the True State of Mu

My college statistics professor taught us one of those unique lessons that apply in a broad way to real life beyond the basic mathematical concept…

“You never, never know the true state of Mu.”

For those not familiar with statistics, the Greek letter “Mu” represents the *real* average for a set of numbers.  For a small set of known numbers, you can easily calculate the value of Mu.  However, consider a meaningful question, like, “What is the average age of all people living in the United States?”  You can approximate the average using statistical methods, by taking samples and whatnot, but you can never know the *real* average age.  There is just too much data changing too quickly.

So, it is with all aspects of reality, beyond simple things like averages.  While you can approximate reality based on the perceptions you have and the conclusions you make, you will never, never know the true state of reality.