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Why I liked (or didn’t like) your post

“Did you see that picture I posted yesterday?  Why didn’t you like it?”  While nobody has asked me that for a while, I overhear other people, students in particular, ask each other that.  So, I occasionally wonder if my friends are curious why I like one post or not another.  After some pondering, I figure they probably don’t care, and I move on.  Then, I read this:

Meet the Algorithm That Can Predict Your Photo’s Popularity Before You Post It

So, I thought, what the heck,  I could give you a tiny peek into my own little mind on this…

Whether it is on Facebook or Instagram, some people like just about everything everyone posts.  They must be fairly happy with life, and like pretty much anything they see.  I admit that I appreciate these people because I know they see what I post and they care enough to acknowledge it.

A lot of people never like anything.  They lurk in the shadows of the social networking world, like the Internet is a spectator sport.  I kind of wish these people would jump in the game and participate already!

As for myself, I prefer to lie somewhere in the middle.  I tend to like a post or picture if, well, I really like it.  However, those that know me also know that I over-analyze everything.  So, there are some rules:

  1. If you post a picture of yourself doing something interesting, and I can see your face, then I am more likely to like it, just as the article above says.  After all, I follow you to see you.  Not your food, not the world around you, but YOU.
  2. However, if you post a picture of yourself in anything less than a T-shirt and shorts, then I won’t “like” your picture.  While I would have the best intentions of letting you know that I think you are beautiful inside and out, not everyone might interpret my like quite the way I meant it.
  3. I really like some general subjects.  If you post anything to do with loving God or camping with Scouts, then I will probably like your post.
  4. I really don’t care for other subjects.  If you post a picture of your pet or anything related to sports, then I will probably just keep on scrolling.  You might have the most adorable cat in the world, but it’s still a cat, and I don’t care.
  5. I will admit that I am a bit biased.  If you are a family member or really close friend, then I will probably like your post no matter what.
  6. If your post has any content that could be considered Rated R, then I won’t “like” your post.  I volunteer with youth, and I don’t need to draw attention to anything questionable.

So, I guess that about covers it.  I can’t help but wonder, do you have rules for liking posts or pictures?  Or, do you just go with what you feel at the time?