Inspirational Movies

Some people collect action, comedy, or dramatic movies.  I collect inspirational movies – flicks that inspire me to think differently, act differently, become better.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • August Rush – a boy with a gift on a journey
  • Dead Poets Society – seize the day!
  • Mr. Holland’s Opus – a teacher learns what it means to live a fulfilling life
  • October Sky – shoot for the moon! Familiar to those that took Wood Badge. Did you know that you can rearrange the letters to spell Rocket Boys?
  • Pay It Forward – a boy with an idea to change the world
  • Remember the Titans – a man redefining teamwork. Another one famliar to those that took Wood Badge. We are the Titans…
  • Stand and Deliver – a math teacher that gives new meaning to the word dedication
  • The Ultimate Gift – a man that learns what it means for life to be a gift. My absolute favorite movie of all time!

Do you have any to add?


Spheres of Tolerance

You may have heard about Spheres of Influence.  On the other side of that, I think there are also Spheres of Tolerance.  While Spheres of Influence consider what you produce and how you impact others, Spheres of Tolerance determine what you receive, what you let affect you, and what you do about it.

People tolerate words and actions differently, depending on whether those words or actions are coming from themselves, their family, their friends, or people they don’t know.  In fact, some common characteristics can be defined in terms of this.  For example, if you tolerate negative words and behavior from yourself, but you don’t tolerate them from anyone else, then that makes you somewhat of a hypocrite.

I think most respected people we know have a fairly low tolerance for negative words and action from themselves, a little more tolerance for their family and friends, and even more for everyone else.  They set high standards for themselves, but they understand that not everyone feels the same way.  This allows them to lead and guide without being pushy or condescending.

Similarities and Differences with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Since I have been both a Boy Scout leader and a Girl Scout leader for some years, people ask me about the similarities and differences with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  This is especially useful information for someone that is an experienced leader in one of these and a new leader in the other.

Organizational Structure

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the United States have similar organizational structures.  For both, most people are familiar with the local units.  For Boy Scouts, this could be a Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, or Venture Crew, depending on the ages involved.  For Girl Scouts, the unit is always a Girl Scout Troop.  Cub Scout Packs are usually large groups (maybe 50 boys) subdivided into Dens (ideally about 8 boys each) by school grade levels.  Boy Scout Troops are also usually large groups (again, maybe about 50 boys) subdivided into Patrols (again, ideally about 8 boys each).  Girl Scout Troops vary widely in size, often larger than a Cub Scout Den or Boy Scout Patrol, but usually smaller than a Cub Scout Pack or Boy Scout Troop.  Girl Scout Troops may be subdivided into patrols, but very few are.

One major difference between Boy Scout units and Girl Scout Troops is in how they handle membership.  Boy Scout units exist indepdent of their members, with new youth joining and older youth leaving every year.  So, for example, a Boy Scout troop always welcomes and tries to maintain boys of all ages between 10 and 17.  Girl Scout troops start with a group of girls, usually of about the same age and grade level, and keep them together all the way from kindergarten through high school.  Of course, some girls may join or leave the troop, but that group of girls stays together until they graduate high school, and then the troop retires.

(To be continued…)