Scoutmaster Minute – The Loyalty Gap

Those here last week know I’m in a series about what it really means to live up to the Scout Law. This week, we’re on a Scout is loyal. This is possibly the most misunderstood point in the Scout law. For the 7 years that I’ve been Scoutmaster, asking our boys hundreds of times how they live up to the Scout Law, I can’t recall any of them ever giving me an example of how they were loyal.

What does it mean to by loyal, anyway? This is actually a perfect time to ask that question because we have a great example with football season. Even if you’re not a huge fan of a particular pro or college team, you surely have friends that are. And, they provide a great model for what it means to be loyal.

What happens when you just mention their team name? They get excited, right, and they immediately want to talk about their team and how awesome it is.

What happens when you talk smack about their team? They get defensive, right, and they try to explain the issues or just talk smack back.

So, what happens when someone asks you about something you really care about, like your family? Do you get excited and talk about how amazing they are?

What happens when someone talks bad about your friend? Do you stand by him and try to help people understand the issues involved?

If we took all of the excitement and defensiveness that we have for our sports, our video games, television programs, and other fandoms… If we could show that same level of excitement and dedication to our family, friends, church, school and troop, then we might, my friends, just see what it means when we say a Scout is loyal.