Scoutmaster Minute – Perfect Gifts

So, it’s the holiday season, and for those that celebrate Christmas, you’re probably trying to find wonderful gifts for your family and friends. While materials things are nice, the *perfect* gifts might be found in a little list that you are about to say at the end of our meeting.

For your parents, with all of the preparation that needs to be done, being as helpful and obedient as possible would probably be most appreciated.

For your brothers and sisters, while you have a little vacation, taking the time to be kind and cheerful could keep their spirits bright.

For friends and those you don’t know, when things get a little crazy, finding the strength to be friendly and courteous will make the season a little more enjoyable for them as well as everyone else.

Last, for all of your family and friends, when the season appears to be turning into a whirlwind of commercialism, remembering to be reverent and making sure that the real reason for the season is expressed in your holiday activities can be the best gift of all.