Scoutmaster Minute – Understanding Parents – Why

So, tonight we wrap up our Scoutmaster Minutes that help us relate to our parents. Tonight we ask, “Why is that important? Why do I care?” We can approach this from at least a couple angles…

First, for those who believe in the Bible, the Fifth Commandment says “Honor your mother and father.” It’s a lot easier to honor them if you understand why the say and do the things they do.

Second, for most people, your parents are the most consistent significant people in your life, at least until you get married. Friends may come and go. Siblings may even go off on their own. However, your parents will always be there for you, so it’s in your best interest to develop the best relationship possible with them.

I hope the last several Scoutmaster Minutes have helped you to better understand your parents and other adults, and I hope can now see the value in doing so.

Scoutmaster Minute – Veterans Day – Stories

So, yesterday was Veterans Day, where we honor those who have served in our military.  So, if all of our veterans could please join me up here, then I would like to do something this year.  I have asked each of them to talk for a minute about his or her experience in the military.  It could be why he joined the military and how it positively changed his life.  Or, it could be an interesting story from when she was in the military.  Please give them your attention.

[Note: I obviously talk with each veteran at the beginning of the meeting, to give them time to think about what he or she would like to say.]

Scoutmaster Minute – Understanding Parents – Not Appreciating

So, we continue with Scoutmaster Minutes that help you understand why parents and other adults act the way they do. Tonight we ask, “Why do my parents not appreciate what I do for them?”

Well, we’ve actually discussed this before. The main thing to remember is that different people appreciate different things. Some parents might appreciate you asking them to hang out together. Some might like it if you take time to make them something. Some might appreciate you helping out a little extra around the house. Some might really like a great big hug. And, others might just want to hear you say that you appreciate what they are doing for you.

To tell the truth, most parents will appreciate all of these things to some degree. However, they will likely just barely notice some and really appreciate others, depending on what matters to them. So, if you guys are up for a little challenge, they I ask you to try all of these things out and see if you can figure out what your parents appreciate most.