Scoutmaster Minute – Get Ready for Summer Camp

As we get near summer camp, I’m sure you’re getting ready by shopping and packing. But, there’s one more thing I’d like to ask you to do, and that’s prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.

You’re going to have a lot more freedom than you usually do. They key is to use that freedom wisely to show that you can behave, stay on track, and be responsible, even when there’s not someone directly watching over you. In our troop, we like to rise above and set an example for other troops.

You also have the chance to make next week either the most boring or the most exciting week that you have ever had. Sometimes we get a little crazy. If you just mope around, avoiding the competitions or chances to show our troop spirit, then you probably won’t have the best time. However, if you relax a little, don’t worry about how silly we look, and just join in on the games, songs and cheers, then you could find yourself having the time of your life.