Modern Day Princesses

ModernDayProcessYou might think that it is a mother’s job to raise a daughter to be a modern day princess of the King.  While you would be partly right, and this book covers that plenty, this book also emphasizes and illustrates how important a father’s role becomes, especially as a girl gets older.  For any mom or dad trying to better connect with your tween or teen daughter, this book is for you:

Raising a Modern-Day Princess: Inspriing purpose, value, and strenght in your daughter


Scoutmaster Minute – Rainy Days

A long time ago, someone joked, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

Of course, as a Boy Scout troop, we keep an eye on the weather, we do some things about it, and then there are some things that we don’t do about it.

Because we follow the Scout Law, we don’t let a little rain in our life get us down.  A Scout is cheerful, event when things are not 100% perfect.  A Scout is also brave, and getting a little wet is not going to hurt you, so never let the rain keep you from attending a meeting, a camp out, or whatever you need to do.  This is not a fair weather troop.  For all the years that I have been here, we have rarely cancelled a troop event, and that was where safety was a concern.

So, what do we do?  While being cheerful and brave, we also have a Scout Motto, so we remember to be prepared.  Bring that poncho and wear it.  If you’re camping, then pack your stuff in plastic bags, as you should do anyway, just in case.

If you can stay cheerful, brave and prepared, then you might even find that you enjoy a little rainy weather, whether that’s real rain like we have today, or a little emotional storm like we all encounter in our lives now and then.