Scoutmaster Minute – Oklahoma Tornados

Our hearts go out to the people that suffered great losses in Oklahoma this week.  For those that haven’t heard, massive tornados took the lives of over 30 adults and 20 children.  They injured another 70 adults and 50 children badly enough that they had to go to the hospital.  However, as usual, the best stories are about the heroes, the ones that helped others after it was over.

In Boy Scouts, we’re called to be prepared and to help other people.  Putting these two responsibilities together, what are you prepared to do if tragedy strikes here?  Are you brushed up on your first aid, emergency preparedness, and search & rescue skills?  Do you know your community well enough to have ideas where you might be able to help?  Of course, we hope nothing ever happens here, but we should do our best to be ready in case it does.

In the meantime, let’s keep those in Oklahoma in our thoughts and prayers, as that’s another way to be helpful and reverent, and the least we can do.

Scoutmaster Minute – Change the World – As a Group

Tonight we’ll wrap up talking about how we can change the world for the better.  We covered how we as individuals can help our family, friends, community, and our troop.

So, tonight we’ll take a little different twist.  How can we, as a troop, help all of those same people?  Is there something we can do as a troop that would help all of our families at home?  Is there something we can do as a troop that could benefit our friends at school or other places?

Our troop provides a reasonable amount of service to the community.  We attend work days here at Christ Church.  Our Life Scouts organize Eagle projects to help many organizations in the area.

Yet, I’ll leave you to wonder, are we doing enough, or could we do more?  And, if we should do more, then what should we do?  If you could have the whole troop work on a service project of your choice, then what would it be?  Think about it, and ask your patrol leader to bring it to the next PLC.

Scoutmaster Minute – Change the World – Troop

Lately we’re talking about how we can change the world for the better.  This week we’ll think about our own troop.  We just elected and appointed a new set of leaders.  So, now what?

For those of you that were elected or appointed, what can you do to make this troop a better place for all of the Scouts here?  Can you help plan and lead for interesting meetings and events?  Can you make things more relational by contacting those that miss a meeting to make sure they are okay and let them know they were missed?

For everyone else, what can you do?  Do you have new ideas on things we can try?  Do you have opinions on what would most benefit your patrol or the whole troop?  Let your leaders know so they can plan accordingly!

I get feedback from your Boards of Review, where they ask what you would like to see different in the troop, and you haven’t said much lately.  That means either:  1) We’re doing everything perfectly, or 2) Maybe we’re settling for how things are instead of striving for something better.  It’s good to know that we don’t have any major concerns.  But, can we build on that to take things to another whole level?

If we wanted to make all of our meetings and events something where we learn and grow, yet something so much fun that you wouldn’t even think about missing it, what would that look like?  How can we get there?  I leave you with that challenge for this next week.  Think about it and let us know what it would take to change your patrol or this whole troop for the better.