Scoutmaster Minute – Scouting’s Anniversary and Valentine’s Day

We just passed Scouting’s anniversary and Valentine’s Day, so let’s talk about how Scouting can affect how you treat your present or future valentine.  Now, I realize and hope that most of you probably don’t have a valentine, yet.  But, you can still practice these ideas with your mom, sister, or female friends.  So, bear with me.

Be trustworthy and loyal.  If you have a girlfriend, then don’t cheat on her.  You’ll also find that you get along better with the ladies in your life if you tell the truth and do what you say you’ll do.

Be helpful, friendly, courteous, and kind.  Chivalry does not have to be dead, guys!  Be a gentleman, open that door, carry those books, and offer a listening ear.  You’ll be surprised by how much the little things really matter to a girl.

Be obedient. You really don’t have to worry about this one until you get married, but just keep it in the back of your mind for future reference.

Be cheerful.  Most females like verbal encouragement.  This might not make sense to you, but just saying, “Hey, it’s nice to see you today!” or “Wow, those curls in your hair really look nice”, along with a smile, can make a girl’s day and strengthen your relationship with her.

Be thrifty.  This pretty much involves being thrifty in everything else you do, so you have time and money to spend with your girl, so we won’t go there for now.

Be brave.  Even in this age, many girls like you to defend her, whether it’s standing up for her when others are picking on her, or taking care of that spider.  You get to be the brave warrior that comes to her rescue, so don’t let her down.

Be clean.  Most girls don’t like guys that smell foul or sound foul.  Keep it clean.

Be reverent.  If you think your relationship is all about you, or even all about her, then you are on shaky ground.  But, if you both make your relationship about doing God’s will together, then you will find yourselves on a sustainable path.