Scoutmaster Minute – Thankful for Scouting

Since we just had Thanksgiving, maybe you went around the dinner table and said what you are thankful for, or hopefully you at least thought about it.  What are some of those things you are thankful for?  (take a few answers)

One thing I didn’t hear, but I am thankful for, is Scouting.  Just what does that mean to be thankful for Scouting?

First, it means acknowledging Baden-Powell, Boyce, and the other men that started Scouting years ago.

Then, it means being thankful for this church and other organizations that give us a place to meet, as well as being thankful for parks and camps that provide a place to carry out our activities in the outdoors.

Of course, it also means appreciating the adult leaders that make it happen, from ASMs to Committee Members, and even parents just for just taking the time to bring you here.

Last but not least, it means being thankful for you Scouts.  Boys that believe in Scouting and everything it stands for, enough to put your time and energy into developing yourselves into outstanding young men; boys that honestly care about helping other people; boys that learn leadership so you can truly make a difference in this world.

So, as we leave this evening, I simply say this: Thank You!


Scoutmaster Minute – Veterans Day 2012

This last Sunday was Veteran’s Day.  As I put together this Scoutmaster Minute, I realized that I ask our Veterans to come up every year, and I wondered if that was too much.  Then, I quietly laughed at myself and realized that we could ask them to come up every week and that still would not be enough.

These are interesting times.  While the majority re-elected our current president, many people are still concerned with the course of our country.  Some people are pulling some curious shenanigans, like petitioning for their state to secede from the United States and become its own country.

In the midst of such events, it’s comforting to know that we have people like those before you that dedicated their time to keeping us and the other crazy people of this country safe. So, as always, I’d ask that you give them a big round of applause.