Scoutmaster Minute – Be Prepared

Our Scout Motto is Be Prepared.  So, what does it take to be prepared?

The first thing most people think about is bringing what you need.  You take your books to school, hopefully bring your Scout handbook to meetings, and you bring camping gear to campouts to be prepared for what you are going to do.

However, there is another level of effort required to really be prepared.  This is where you study for that test for school, do your merit badge homework, and practice your Scout skills to be prepared for the next camping trip.

Tonight was all about being prepared.  For all of you, it’s about being prepared to use those Scout skills that you learned but maybe haven’t put to test for a while.  For those going to Camporee, it’s about being prepared to compete, to show other troops that we have what it takes to be an awesome troop.

But, it doesn’t stop here, as we don’t know what you remember and what you don’t, and we can’t cover everything you ever learned in a couple weeks of meetings.  So, in the end, it is once again, your duty to be prepared!


Scoutmaster Minute – New Youth Leadership

Starting tonight, we have new youth leadership.  This is an incredible opportunity for each of you, but only if you take advantage of it.

I already talked with your SPL, and he has great ideas for his assistants and troop guides to move things forward.  He also appointed his Quartermasters, Scribe, Librarian, Historian, and Instructors.  Each of these positions provides a unique opportunity to provide much needed leadership in the troop.

Patrol leaders, we now have 4 solid patrols, and you have been elected to lead one of them.  Take charge and make your patrol the best it can be.  You have also appointed your assistant patrol leaders, patrol quartermasters, grubmasters, scribes, and cheer masters.  Again, each position is important for the patrol to run smoothly.

So, you each now have a decision to make. You can either try to get by with as little effort as possible, or you can really get into your new leadership position and do something great with it.  If you do the first, then you might still meet your requirement to advance.  But, if you do the second, then you’ll get three times more out of it.  You will grow more as a person, your patrol will perform better as a team, and the whole troop will be a more exciting place to be because of it.  Step up, your time is now.


Cadette Journey – Amaze – Session 5-6


Leader Journey book and girls’ Journey books


Pre –meeting: Read & write in Journey books pages 112-113. If you finish then go back to earlier pages that look fun and fill them in.

Opening (as usual)


  • Remind the girls that our Journey is about building better relationships, and now it’s time for us to be leaders and help build better relationships in our community.
  • Have the girls form small groups and make 3 lists with a leader’s top 3 personal qualities, skills, and accomplishments. Have groups come together to share and make one definition of leadership. Look together at page 10 in their books to compare their definition with Girl Scouts’ definition.
  • Have each girl share the qualities, skills, and accomplishments that define her personally as a leader.
  • Have the girls turn to page 114 in their books and explain that we’re going to decide on and plan a Take Action project.
  • Brainstorm on relationship issues and possible solutions for each. They can look in their books at pages 115-117 for ideas, and page 120 for keys to a good project. [Mention that solutions must be things they can do at the next meeting.]
  • Guide the girls to decide on an issue.


  • Guide the girls to plan their project, looking at pages 122-123 in their books.
  • Decide on a solution to the issue.
  • Outline the main actions to make the project a reality.
    • Who can help with those actions?
    • What things are needed to fulfill those actions?
  • Determine the detailed step-by-step actions needed to complete the project.
    • Task, person responsible, and end date for each action
    • Risks, such as resource availability, weather conditions (if outside), etc.
  • Make sure all girls know what they need to do or bring for our next Journey meeting.

Closing (as usual)


Scoutmaster Minute – New Year of Scouting

As we venture into a new school year of Scouting, it helps to remind ourselves why we are here.  What are the aims of Scouting?

First is to develop moral character.  We do this by living the Scout Oath and Law and interacting with others in our patrol and troop.

Second is to participate in citizenship.  We do this through advancement and the service projects that we lead and do.

Third is physical, mental, and emotional fitness.  We do this again through advancement, and also through outdoor activities and leadership development.

As we continue to plan our activities for the following year, let us keep these aims in mind and do our best to work toward them.