Scoutmaster Minute – Summer Camp

As you could tell tonight, we make a big deal over summer camp.  Why?

I thought of telling you the official Boy Scout reasons we go to summer camp, but then I thought I’d go bigger.  So, I went to the American Camping Association.


They surveyed 5,000 families attending all sorts of summer camps and found that:

7 out of 10 youth say they did things at camp they used to be afraid to do.

9 out of 10 youth say camp helps them feel better about themselves.

Almost all youth say they make new friends at summer camp.


For all you parents out there:

7 out of 10 parents said their child gained self-confidence at summer camp.

7 out of 10 said their child remained in contact with friends made at camp.

Most parents said their child continued to participate in activities learned at camp.


So, in summary, besides being a great place to have fun, learn independence, and earn lots of advancement, summer camp is where you go to build courage, develop friendships, and learn new skills that last a lifetime.  We hope to see you there.

Scoutmaster Minute – Constitution Day

Can anybody tell me what yesterday was?  It was Constitution Day!  225 years ago, the founders of this country agreed upon the US Constitution.

It is by far the oldest written constitution in the world, and it is the main reason that we enjoy freedom today. The Constitution established our form of government, and perhaps more important, it guarantees the rights of citizenship that we all enjoy.

Most of us take those rights for granted. We can’t imagine living in a country where people are not allowed to speak freely, worship God, join groups (like Boy Scouts), or criticize the government.  But there are billions of people in the world without any of those rights.

The Constitution is the foundation stone of this country, which is why the President and many other officials take an oath “to protect and defend the Constitution.” Each of us should take the same oath because it is the basis of the liberty we so enjoy.

Cadette Journey – Amaze – Session 4


Leader Journey book and girls’ Journey books


Pre –meeting: Read & write in Journey books pages 81-83. If you finish then go back to earlier pages that look fun and fill them in.

Opening (as usual)


  • Discuss bullying: Physical, Verbal, Indirect, Virtual
  • Ask girls: Why do people bully other certain people? What should we do when people bully us? Discuss page 84.
  • Discuss scenarios in girls’ books pages 85-87.
  • Play Shoe factory – stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, put all shoes in the middle of the circle. Each girl gets two different shoes that are not her own and puts them on. Then, each girl finds matching her shoes and puts them together.

Closing (as usual)

Scoutmaster Minute – Remember 9/11

Today is the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Everywhere we look, we see “Remember 9/11” and “Never Forget September 11, 2001”. But, what does that really mean? I’d propose that it’s not about the twin towers, or the pentagon, or the airplanes. While those cost millions of dollars, they are just building and things. In the end, it’s about the people.

I still have the events of that day imprinted in my mind, with people jumping out of buildings and other people scrambling to help as many others as possible. We want to keep those people in our thoughts and prayers. However, there are still other people that we should remember.

We should remember that we have thousands of people in the armed forces fighting today to prevent another day like 9/11. Most of these people are so far away that we never see them, and yet they protect our freedom to carry on our lives.

We should never forget the civil servants like our firefighters and law enforcement officers that also risk their lives every day and stand ready to help if we do have another day like 9/11. We see these people all the time, and yet we rarely say “Hello”, more less “Thank you.”

As this day comes to a close, and you remember 9/11, you can’t help but recall the tragic events of that horrific day in history. But, please also take time to remember those that make a positive difference in the world. Write a letter to that soldier that you know. Say a prayer for that deputy you saw at the store or the people you saw in the fire truck racing to save someone’s life. Do your best to never forget those that do their best to keep you safe.