Scoutmaster Minute – Fun in Scouting

Hopefully, you guys had fun tonight, since this is the one meeting a month that you set aside just to have fun.  However, I just want to remind you that all of Scouting is supposed to be fun to a degree.  So, if you think our other meetings should be more fun, or if you think our camping trips should be more fun, then you can help make that happen.  Come up with ideas, talk with your patrol leader, and have him take those ideas to your Senior Patrol Leader and the Patrol Leader Council.

Scoutmaster Minute – Back to School 2012

So, most of you started back to school today.  You found your seat on the bus and in your classes.  You met your teachers, saw old friends, and hopefully made a new friend or two.

Now, you have some big decisions to make.  What type of person are you going to be this year?

Are you going to keep yourself healthy?  Things get hectic, so sometimes it’s hard to remember to eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep.  But, these things enable you to do everything else better because they keep you physically strong.

Are you going to be a good student?  Are you going to seize every opportunity to learn new things and understand them well enough to do well in school?  Only by doing so will you be successful because you stay mentally awake.

Most important, are you going to cheat or be trustworthy in your work?  Are you going to ignore that lonely kid or be friendly to those that need it most?  Are you going to see what you can get away with or be obedient to your parents and teachers?  Are you going to be a bully, or be brave enough to help the people being bullied?  Only by making the right decisions can you truly say that you are morally straight.

What type of person are you going to be this year?


An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars

McKennaShootsfortheStarsLooking for a good movie on how to handle friendships, embarrassment, and general challenges in life?  We watched “An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars” together as a family and really enjoyed it.  Like most American Girl movies, it’s just as good for boys as for girls.  Also, as usual, the main characters are in elementary school, but they still struggle with the same basic challenges that we all do.

McKenna: Shoots For The Stars [Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy] American Girl
McKenna: Shoots For The Stars [DVD] American Girl