Scoutmaster Minute – Scouting Statistics – Leadership

We all know that being a Scout prepares you for your future, and making Eagle Scout prepares you better still.  That’s partly why we’re all here.  But, today, I read a new statistical study that actually proves this.

Researchers surveyed about 2,500 adult males and discovered 46 differences between those never in Scouts, those in Scouts for a while, and Eagle Scouts.  Since we elected new leaders tonight, I’ll concentrate on those related to leadership.

Just by being in Scouts, you are 73% more likely to vote in presidential elections.  Through elections like those tonight, you learn that voting is important.

Just by being in Scouts, you will be 12% more likely to be a leader at work and 15% more likely to be a leader in things outside of work.  If you make Eagle, then you will be 55% more like to be a leader at work and 76% more likely to be a leader in your local community organizations.  Through the education and experience you get in Scouting, you learn what it means to be a good leader.

I hope this little bit of information encourages you to do your best in Scouting.  Statistics now show that being in Scouting takes you far, and going for Eagle takes you even farther.




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