Scoutmaster Minute – Effective Leadership

We’ve talked a lot about leadership lately, and we just had 4 Scouts go through NYLT.  So, I’m wrapping up the series by discussing 6 steps to effective leadership:

  1. Remember to provide Vision with Purpose, Direction, and Motivation. Being able to communicate and get people excited about your vision is key to achieving success.
  2. Find Resources. Effective leaders know they cannot do it alone.  They understand that there are people and things around them that will help them on the way.
  3. Determine the readiness level. Understand where your people are coming from and what skill sets they have to perform the task.  Help them acquire any skills they need but don’t have.
  4. Assign Responsibilities. DELEGATE, but remember you are the leader. You can delegate responsibilities, but you cannot delegate accountability.  So, check, and double check.
  5. Guide people to perform the Task. Give guidance and direction and be a good coach. Hands on is good too, but when you give someone a task, let them shine and do it.
  6. Check and Report. Use the Start, Stop, and Continue model. Discuss what went well and what went poor. Learning is what makes us all better.

Please note that this is based on another Scoutmaster minute here:

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