Scoutmaster Minute – Flag Ceremony at Summer Camp

On our last day of Summer Camp, I mentioned that we received several compliments and again managed to establish a good reputation for our troop.  However, I forgot to mention one comment in particular.  One day we were running late for flag ceremony, and they were already lowering the flag.  Knowing what to do, our entire troop stopped right where we were, saluted the flag, and waited for the ceremony to end before we continued to our place.  What we didn’t know is that the District Commissioner, also a military veteran, watched us and was very impressed.  He said he has seen many troops in our situation run to catch up or otherwise get things wrong.  So, he went on about how awesome we looked, all 59 of us in neat uniforms, with our red hats, properly respecting our flag.  He only wished he had a camera.  We’ve said it before, but once again, this is an example of how something so small can have such a big impact on someone’s perception of you and your troop.  So, thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Scoutmaster Minute – Prepare for Summer Camp

Next week most of you are going to summer camp.  So, you’ll probably prepare by packing your footlocker with all of your clothes and whatnot.  And, you’ll hopefully prepare physically by eating healthy, exercising outside, and getting some sleep.

However, there are a couple more ways I would like you to prepare that you might not think about.  I want you to get mentally and emotionally ready.

First, prepare to keep a great attitude.  It’s going to be a great week, but there may be a few times that are a little rough.  You’ll need to keep a good attitude to get through those times and move on.

Second, prepare to do your absolute best at everything.  You will have more independence than usual, but that also means that you will have more responsibility than usual.  So, you might need to step up your game a bit.  Remember, the more you put into next week, the more you will get out of it.  And, the more we all put it into it, the better we’ll be as individuals, the better we’ll be as a troop.