Scoutmaster Minute – Father’s Day 2011

What does Scouting have to do with being a father?  Well, a father is just another type of leader – the leader, maybe, or at least the co-leader, hopefully, of his family.

So, what characteristics do you think of when you think of a good father?  If you were his child, maybe someone you can trust because he protects and cares for you?  Someone that guides you through friendships and teaches you the right way to treat people and animals?  Someone that shows you how to be happy when you’re can’t do what you want because it’s against the rules or cost too much money?  How about someone that sets the example for being courageous, respectable and a spiritual leader in his family and community?

You may not have realized it, but I just went through the Scout Law, point by point, just using different words.  So, by learning to be a good Scout, you’re also learning to be a good leader, and you’re especially learning to be a great dad.

Scoutmaster Minute – Communication

Every good leader needs to communicate effectively.  It doesn’t go any good to make a decision if you can’t share it with the people that need to know.  Those taking public speaking will learn a lot about this.  But, everyone else, remember the following when speaking:

1) Speak clearly using words that everyone understands 2) Keep both what you say and how you say it interesting 3) Make general remarks and then provide examples to back them up 4) Use visual aids and encourage questions to help keep it interesting 5) Looks listeners in the eye and show enthusiasm

Please note that this is based on another Scoutmaster minute here:

Scoutmaster Minute – Competence

We discussed before that a leader needs to be, know, and do certain things.  When we say he needs to know some things, we’re really saying he needs to be competent, both in his Scout skills and basic leadership skills.  But, how does one gain competence in leadership skills?  Well, we have these things called books, like the Patrol Leader Handbook, that explain the basics.  And, if you really get into it then there a many great books on leadership.

In the meantime, here is a quick summary of what you should know to be a good leader: Be honest, be fair, be organized, be flexible, communicate, delegate, give praise when it’s deserved, ask for help when it’s needed, and most of all, learn how to do it right and set the example, because, ultimately, people will do what you show them more than what you tell them.

Please note that this is based on another Scoutmaster Minute here: