Scoutmaster Minute – Initiative and Leadership

We touched on initiative a few weeks ago.  Some say that taking initiative is really what leadership is all about.

A true leader will always be one step ahead, doing what he needs to do without asking.

A leader just need needs two things to take initiative. He needs to know the plan and have skills to carry it out.

To know the plan, you have to pay attention to your leaders and attend the proper meetings.  Remember that it’s really up to you guys to not just know the plan, but make the plan.

To have the skills to care it out, you need to practice.  The skills you learn for advancement are important.  Don’t check them off and forget them.  Practice them, keep them fresh.

If you have these two things, the plan and the skills, then the only thing left is to put them to use.  Whether it’s in the troop, at school, or at home, take the initiative, and just do what needs to be done.  That will keep you one step ahead of everyone else and make it clear that you’re a leader.

Please note that this is based on another Scoutmaster Minute here:

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