Scoutmaster Minute – Leadership Styles

You know that part of Boy Scouts is learning Leadership.  What you may not know is that, just like there are different styles of clothes, there are also different styles of leadership.  Common leadership styles are:

  • Directing
  • Coaching
  • Supporting
  • Delegating

Directing is when a leader tells a group what needs to be done and how to do it. He does not ask for opinions or input, he just wants to get the task complete.

Coaching can be found when a group is more formed. Some direction is still needed, as skill levels are not quiet there. The coach explains the process, then lets the team execute.

Supporting leaders have a group that has developed, but not mastered, skills. He steps back and lets the team succeed, jumping in when needed. He has confidence in his leadership and his team.

Delegating leadership is found when a group is executing as a high performance team. The leader can turn over the task to anyone on the team and know that things will be done correctly.

Knowing these leadership styles will help you grow as a leader.  You should often ask yourself, which leadership style will work best with this group in this situation, and then use it.

Please note that this is based on another Scoutmaster Minute here:

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