Scoutmaster Minute – Leadership – Be, Know and Do

Well, we elected some new leaders tonight.  So, what do we expect out of them?  In troop leader training we learn what a leader should be, what he should know, and what he should do.

A leader should be a person of character, someone that connects what they know to what they do through the values expressed in the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

A leader should know their craft, including Scout skills and leadership.  What he doesn’t know or remember, he should learn and practice.

Lastly, a leader should do 3 main things:  influence people to make good decisions, operate on tasks to get things done, and improve the overall situation.

For those interested in learning more, look forward to the Troop Leader Training that we will offer soon.

Please note that this is based on another Scoutmaster Minute here:

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