Scoutmaster Minute – Initiative and Positions

So, with our recent elections, many of you would like a position of responsibility.  Some asked your SPL for a position right away.  Some waited a while.  Some of you probably didn’t even know you needed a position, but you lucked out because I got your back and figured it out from your records.

Who do you think really got the positions that they really wanted?  Remember, you have to be responsible for yourself before you can be trusted to lead others.  You have to stay on top of your game, and if you’re not sure about something then remember that it never hurts to ask.  If you really want something, take the initiative.

Scoutmaster Minute – Leadership – Be, Know and Do

Well, we elected some new leaders tonight.  So, what do we expect out of them?  In troop leader training we learn what a leader should be, what he should know, and what he should do.

A leader should be a person of character, someone that connects what they know to what they do through the values expressed in the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

A leader should know their craft, including Scout skills and leadership.  What he doesn’t know or remember, he should learn and practice.

Lastly, a leader should do 3 main things:  influence people to make good decisions, operate on tasks to get things done, and improve the overall situation.

For those interested in learning more, look forward to the Troop Leader Training that we will offer soon.

Please note that this is based on another Scoutmaster Minute here:

Scoutmaster Minute – Leadership – Overview

Leadership is influencing people to do things by providing Purpose, Direction, and Motivation.  In one way or another, we’re all leaders.  So, we should ask ourselves about this.

To those that you’re trying to lead, are you providing Purpose?  Here in Scouts, we try to provide a chance to learn skills and leadership while having fun.  Are you doing that?  Outside of Scouts, in your youth groups and sports and academic teams, your first question should be, “What is our purpose?”

To those that you’re trying to lead, are you providing Direction?  Here in Scouts, you, the boys, are in charge.  Are you providing enough guidance to other Scouts to achieve our Purpose?  Outside of Scouts, in your groups and teams, are you again guiding others to achieve your purpose?

Lastly, to those that you’re trying to lead, are you providing Motivation?  Here in Scouts, we don’t just do stuff.  We have the Scout Sprit that gets us excited about doing stuff.  Are you showing Scout Spirit?  Outside of Scouts, again, your effort in groups and teams should be as much emotional as it is physical or mental.  That’s how you inspire others to greatness.

So, if you can provide those three things, Purpose, Direction, and Motivation, then you, too, can lead!

Please note that this is based on another Scoutmaster Minute here:

Stay Awesome

Some of you may have noticed that I end many of my notes with two simple words: Stay Awesome.  This is kind of my new personal motto, so I suppose it’s worth explaining.

The second word is the easiest and most obvious.  Be AWESOME.  Don’t be normal.  Don’t just do what everyone else is doing.   Rise above all that.  Be extraordinary.

The first word is perhaps more subtle.  STAY awesome.  The fact is that you are already awesome.  God handcrafted you as a glorious work of art and science to carry out some great purpose in this world.  So, your challenge is to continue to be as awesome as you can according to His plan.

Of course, we all have room for improvement.  You can’t stay the most awesome in everything, so you have to determine in which areas you should grow, and in which areas you can let go.  How do we do this?  Through prayer and congregation.  Through prayer, you can listen to what God wants you to do.  Through congregation, you can listen to your family and friends and find out where you can really make a difference.  Spend some time thinking and feeling about all of that, and you can figure out how to stay as awesome as possible based on what God wants and what those around you need.

So, there it is.  Stay awesome!