Junior Journey – Agent of Change – Session 5


  • Leader Journey book and girls’ Journey books
  • 20 pieces of paper, markers

Meeting Opening (as usual)


  • Ask the girls to write down and/or discuss project ideas involving Up-front Action and Behind the Scenes action (page 76)
  • Ask the girls to discuss their project into steps and aspects (page 79)
  • Ask the girls to consider resources and conduct a reality check (page 80)
  • If we have extra time, have the girls fill out the pie chart (page 81)
  • Award team patches

Closing (as usual)

Scoutmaster Minute – Uncommon Honesty and Integrity

This Scoutmaster minutes is based on a book called Uncommon by Tony Dungy, where he explains the character traits you need to be a great man.

Interestingly enough, he starts out with a character trait that both his parents and my parents consider the most important.  This character trait is really the foundation for all other traits, as without it none of the other traits really matter.

Funny enough, this same trait is also the very first point of the Scout Law – to be trustworthy, to show honesty and integrity in everything you say and do.  While this may limit you a little in the short term, this will expand what you can do in the long term.  The more people trust you, the more opportunities they will provide you.

So, stay trustworthy, and have a good night.

Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance by Tony Dungy


Secret to Better S’mores

dark chocolateI discovered a secret to making better s’mores.  I know most of you are probably thinking it involves roasting the marshmallow nice and slowly until it’s golden brown and cripsy on the outside and soft and mushy on the inside.  While that’s important, the secret to even better s’more lies not in the marshmallow, but in the chocolate.

I was buying stuff for s’mores for a youth group campfire, and I noticed packs of dark chocolate right next to the milk chocolate.  So, I decided to take a risk and buy one of each.  Wow, was that ever worth the risk.  That night, most people, including me, decided that the dark chocolate made much better s’mores.  In fact, at the end of the night, while we still had a fair amount of milk chocolate left, the dark chocolate was gone.

So, there you go.  One secret to better s’mores is dark chocolate.


Scoutmaster Minute – Uncommon Valentine’s Day

So, yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  And, interestingly enough, Tony Dungy provides some insight on how an Uncommon Man should treat a woman.  He says when most men are around women, they act either super tough or really timid.  That’s the way previous generations and the media teach us to be.  Of course, we really should strive for something in between.  Encouraging – yes, demanding – no, compassionate – yes, passive – no.

In light of this, chivalry should not be dead.  But, for it to continue to live, our motivation for it must change.  We stick up for a woman when others pick on her, not because we she can’t defend herself, but because we are on her side and we are loyal.  We hold the door open for her, not because she is weak, but because we care and we are courteous.  We watch what we say and do around her, not because she can’t handle it, but because we have a little respect and we are clean.  Lastly, and most importantly, we tell her how beautiful and how wonderful she is, not because she needs to hear it, but because we believe it, and we are cheerful.

Now, Scouts, you might think I’m talking about your future girlfriends.  But, it starts before that.  Your sister, your sister’s friend, your friend’s sister – they’re all watching you.  You don’t know it, they don’t know even it, but they’re forming an image in their mind of how guys should treat them.  Like it or not, especially as a Scout, you’re the example.  So, you need to get this right now, and treat girls with respect.

And, if none of this quite sinks in then let me leave you with one last thought about women.  Even if you don’t know what to do or what to say, whether it’s your mother, sister, or significant other, the very least you can do is be there for her.  As Tony Dungy says it, love is like playing a raffle at the fair – you must be present to win.

Thanks a lot, and have a good night.

Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance by Tony Dungy


Scoutmaster Minute – Cheerful Service

As you all learned today, the OA is the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service.  Now, you may think that seems easy enough.  It’s a group of guys that get together to do service projects, and try to be happy about it.

But, once you get into the OA and get to know other Scouts there, you find that it’s not that simple.  It’s not just what you do or how you feel during a few events a year.  It’s a whole new attitude about what you do with your life and how you do.  It’s about dedicating yourself to happily serving other people as much as possible.

Now, of course, the cool thing is you don’t have to be a member of the OA to do this.  So, once again, I have a challenge for all of you, whether you’re a member of the OA or not, to cheerfully serve someone else at least once per day for every day this week.  And, I’m even going to be more specific and ask for you to find ways to serve other people that will help them be more cheerful.  Maybe you’ll see someone that’s frustrated and happily help them out.  Or, maybe you’ll even see someone that looks perfect fine and just cheerfully pay them a compliment to lift their spirits even higher.  The real goal is to do whatever it takes to spread the spirit of cheerful service.

Scoutmaster Minute – Uncommon Character

I mentioned at a recent Eagle Court of Honor that I’m reading a book about what it means to become an uncommon man.

The book’s first point is that you have to be a man of character.  Funny enough, one of the goals of Scouting is also to “develop character”.  So, what is this character and how do we develop it?

Well, your character is shown by what you do and how you do it.  In short, your character is defined by the decisions that you make.

So, the best way we can help you “develop character” is to let you make decisions.  This ties in with why our Boy Scout troop is boy-led and boy-run.  We let, and force, you to make the important decisions about what we do and how we do it.  Besides making things more interesting, for all of us, it is through those decisions that you develop character.  So, take advantage of the opportunities you have, be a part of our decisions, develop your character, and take another step toward becoming an uncommon man.

Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance by Tony Dungy