Junior Journey – Agent of Change – Session 2


  • Leader Journey book and girls’ Journey books
  • Blindfolds


Pre-opening: Girls’ Journey book page 26

Opening (as usual)


  • Ask the girls to think about other women, even local women or girls, that they consider to be heroines and why.  Ask them to discuss them.  Encourage girls to see that being a heroine is different from being famous.
  • Have the girls do Journey page 28.  Encourage them to think of the less recognized leaders.  Talk about what it means to lead (see leader book page 57).
  • Have the girls form small teams to find qualities within the Girl Scout Law that fit the heroines they came up with.  Share with the larger group.
  • Have the girls do Journey pages 34-35.  What kinds of teams can they think of?
  • Run the blindfold obstacle course activity.  Then, asking questions.  What makes the direction giver’s job hard?  What happens if she can’t imagine what it’s like to be the one wearing the blindfold?  Why is that important?

Closing (as usual)