Junior Journey – Agent of Change – Session 1


  • Leader Journey book and girls’ Journey books
  • Piece of rope with a knot for each girl when standing in a circle
  • Paper clips, index cards, markers


Opening (as usual)


  • Have each girl take a knot and say what she wants to be called, why she wants to be part of our Journey group, and how she’d like to change the world.
  • Have each girl take an index card and write her name and 1-3 Girl Scout Law qualities that she would like to discover in herself during this Journey, and pin that to her knot.
  • Have each girl look at pages 11-12 in her book and discuss what she thinks her powers are.
  • Have each girl look at page 13 in her book and draw a picture of herself with lines to words that describe her powers.
  • Have girls break into pairs and look at pages 17-22 to get ideas about heroines.
  • Ask the girls to think about other women, even local women or girls, that they consider to be heroines and why. Ask them to continue to think about them and come with other ideas to the next Journey meeting.

Closing (as usual)