Passport to Purity

passport_to_purityAre you looking for a program to guide you and your teen through discussing purity?  We highly recommend:

Passport2Purity (Book & CD Set)

Dan and I went through the program and found it wonderful.  Josh and I plan to go through it in another year or so.  And, Emily and Jen plan to do so in a couple years, as well.  You have to determine the right age to cover this with your teen, since everyone is different.  But, 13 seems about right for our children.  If you go through it when they’re too young then they won’t quite understand or be ready for it.  But, if you wait until they’re too old then they might not be as receptive to the influence that you and the program are intended to have.

Junior Journey – Get Moving – Session 7


  • Leader Journey book
  • Copy of the light bulbs
  • Pencils
  • Boom box, music


Pre-opening: Read about Sarah Susanka and try puzzle (girl book p 67)

Opening (as usual)


  • What have we learned?  How have we taken risks, made mistakes? (p 77)
  • How is our team energy?  How are we getting along with each other?
  • When have you been innovative?
  • Look at the light bulbs to get ideas for an innovative effort.  Have pairs take a light bulb, read the story, and answer the question.  Get together and discuss.
  • Brainstorm possible innovate projects.  Girl writes a list of ideas.  Ask the girls to think of more ideas between now and the next Journey meeting.
  • Talk about decision making.  How do we resolve conflicts?  Discuss some techniques. (p 80)
  • Play freeze dance game.  When the music stops, freeze.  Girl runs music. (p 82)
  • Hand out Investigate awards.

Closing (as usual)