Scoutmaster Minute – Holidays 2009

During the upcoming holidays, may you remember to be…

Trustworthy enough to not peek at your gifts under the tree

Loyal enough to celebrate the season with your family – yes, all of them

Helpful enough to contribute to those less fortunate than you

Friendly enough not lose your cool in the holiday craziness

Courteous enough to not tackle someone for that last item on sale

Kind enough to include your pet dog, cat or hamster in the holidays

Obedient enough to behave during those boring or frustrating times

Cheerful enough to spread the holiday cheer to everyone you see

Thrifty enough to avoid being entirely broke when the season is over

Brave enough to face the cold weather

Clean enough to only share nice words and thoughts during the season

And, most of all…

Reverent enough to remember that this season is really all about God, whether it’s a festival of lights or the birth of a Savior.

Have a Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, and a Joyous New Year!