Junior Journey – Get Moving – Session 2


  • Leader Journey book
  • House plants
  • Crayons and paper
  • Pencils, rulers, scissors and glue


Pre-opening: Tear up paper into little pieces.

Opening (as usual)


  • In a circle, have each girl say one of her energy pledge points.  How do these relate to being a leader and the Girl Scout Law?  Is committing to this going to be a challenge?
  • Have each girl show her packaging and others guess what it is.  Were you surprised by how much trash you had to pick from?  How can we reduce the amount of packaging you’ve seen?
  • Show the girls the house plants.  Have them draw them, paying close attention to the leaves – what they look like and how many there are.  Then explain that we’re going to cover one up to keep light from getting to it.
  • Make beads of recycled paper
  • In a circle, have the girls look in pages 41-43 in their books.  What is one item we throw away that we could turn into something else?  Do we think we can get our family or other people to join in with us?

Closing (as usual)