Junior Journey – Get Moving – Session 1


  • Leader Journey book
  • Paper making stuff (see girl book)


Pre-opening: Tear up paper into little pieces.

Opening (as usual)


  • Explain energy is everywhere and connected to everything we do.  Ask girls to think of ways they’ve used energy in the last 24 hours.  Try to go around the circle 3 times.
  • Look in their book at pages 10-11 for more ideas.
  • Explain energy efficient means using less energy to do something.  Ask girls to name a more energy efficient way to do one of the things they first mentioned.
  • Look in their book at pages 106-109 for their energy tracker.  Explain this whole journey is about energy.  They’ll earn 3 awards – Energize, Investigate, and Innovate. (See leader book for details.)
  • Look in their book at pages 19-20.  Have girls take turns reading the sample pledge.  Have each girl make her own pledge of at least 3 things to save energy.  Ask each girl to say her pledge.
  • Look in their book at pages 36-38.  All together, make recycled paper!
  • Ask girls what guests they might like to talk about energy.
  • Have the girls sit in a circle.  Explain that each girl has her own unique personal energy and it’s something she can use to be a good leader.  Ask each girl to pick and say one word that expresses her energy to be a good leader.

Closing (as usual)