Brownie Journey – Quest – Session 7


  • Leader book and Quest Master Map
  • Paper and markers


Pre-opening:  Quest book back – sign each other’s books

Opening (as usual)


Discuss 3 steps of key 1: Discover

  • Discover our talents – remember writing on the star?
  • Discover the values of the Girl Scout Law
  • Discover our family’s talents and values – remember making the big star?

Discuss 3 steps of key 2: Connect

  • Connect as a Girl Scout team- remember playing loop the hoop?
  • Connect at home – remember what you led at home?
  • Connect with the community – remember the circle map?

Discuss 3 steps of key 3: Take Action – girls look at page 69

  • Identify something to do – remember the Brownie Brainstorm chart?
  • Prepare to take action – remember making the Happy Socks?
  • Take action – rememberKittyCity?  – mark it off on the map

Tell them they earned the last key and write it on the map

So, you have three keys, but what do they unlock?

  • Say the three chants
  • We unlock the ability to be a leader
  • Draw a picture showing how you’re going to keep being a leader (and have all girls share their picture with the troop)

Tell them they earned the Brownie Quest Award!  That’s it, they’re done – or are they?

If there’s extra time, read about Juliette Gordon Low on page 72

Closing (as usual)