Mind Mapping

freemindHave you ever tried to brainstorm about something and wished you had a tool to document what you’re thinking without slowing you down?  Well, what you’re looking for is called Mind Mapping software.  Whether you’re writing a book or creating a Web site, it may be just what you need.  In fact, I used it quite a bit in the early stages of creating YouCanRelate.

There are a few options out.  I use one called FreeMind.  You can read all about it and download it here:


Just search on “mind mapping” for other options.


Brownie Journey – Quest – Session 4


  • Leader book and Quest Master Map
  • Brownie Brainstorm Chart
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Markers
  • Slips of paper


Pre-opening:  Read “The ELF Adventure”

Opening (as usual)


  • Review Quest Master Map
  • Talk about, “Where can we fly into action and make the world a better place?”
  • Fill in the Brownie Brainstorm Chart columns 1-3, looking at pg 73 if needed
  • Brownie Team Trade
  • Fill in the Brownie Brainstorm Chart columns 4-5 for the top choices
  • Talk about how they could do the top choices

If time permits then read the Brownie Ballad (page 38) in their book

Closing (as usual)


This session went really well! The dynamic interaction was great. I especially like the Brownie Team Trade, where each girl casts the vote for her partner instead of herself, as that instills a sense of caring for others. Our girls’ top choice to help others is an animal shelter, which should be interesting.