Brownie Journey – Quest – Session 1


  • Quest Master Map and Leader book
  • A Koosh ball or something like it
  • Markers, glitter glue (if we have it)
  • Poster board with a star traced on it and all of the girls’ names written in it
  • The 10 points of the Girl Scout Law each printed on an index card and numbered 1-10
  • Copies of Leader pages 53-55 for each girl placed in her folder to take home


Pre-opening: ask girls to fill in page 49 in their Brownie Quest book

Opening (as usual)

(Note – have one of the parents or someone hide the index cards, hopefully outside.)


Talk about the book – they explore Part 1 on their own, we’ll explore Part 2 in meetings.  Discuss “The Trail of the Three Keys”.  We’ll start searching for the First Key.


You: Brownies sit in a circle.  (Read leader book.)


  • Going ELF!  (Read leader book.)
  • Discovering Values (Have girls fill in page 50 in their books.)

Family:  Talk about accepting the Quest.  (Read the leader book.)

Closing (as usual)


This is our first Journey.  We like the basic idea, but we wonder if we could do some of the activities a little better. For example, it recommends having the girls spend time writing in their books.  Some girls can easily write and like to write, but others not so much. Some understand what to do, and some have more questions.  So, maybe we could go through the topics orally, letting the girls follow along and write in their books if they want to do so.