Inspirational Movies

Some people collect action, comedy, or dramatic movies.  I collect inspirational movies – flicks that inspire me to think differently, act differently, become better.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • August Rush – a boy with a gift on a journey
  • Dead Poets Society – seize the day!
  • Mr. Holland’s Opus – a teacher learns what it means to live a fulfilling life
  • October Sky – shoot for the moon! Familiar to those that took Wood Badge. Did you know that you can rearrange the letters to spell Rocket Boys?
  • Pay It Forward – a boy with an idea to change the world
  • Remember the Titans – a man redefining teamwork. Another one famliar to those that took Wood Badge. We are the Titans…
  • Stand and Deliver – a math teacher that gives new meaning to the word dedication
  • The Ultimate Gift – a man that learns what it means for life to be a gift. My absolute favorite movie of all time!

Do you have any to add?